Just Macros work with ATEM 8K?

Anyone happen to know if JustMacros will work with ATEM 8K?

Thanks to whoever set this site back up!!!


Can’t be much help with this… we’ve moved away from JustMacros in our setup. I utilize Bitfocus Companion for nearly everything we do now.

It looks like the JM website is back up and running… I would think the 8K is supported https://justmacros.tv/getting-started-with-just-macros/

What are you needing to accomplish?

Hi Matt,

Currently have a ATEM 4K 2 M/E that we were going to move to another location. I like the fact that the 8K supports different rates (but maybe not, big price difference). We were trying to determine to go back with 4K or upgrade to 8K. Leaning toward 4K as replacement.

As for Companion, used that at first and had issues not being able to add any delay after button pushed on StreamDeck to take preview to program. If operator tries to switch too quickly between cameras you end up with a cross image, kind of hangs. I wish Companion would support some level of scripting along with the button function. We use some scripts written by Doug Johnson Productions for SuperSource and there’s no easy way to get them to work Companion without script support. Have not looked at it in a while, maybe there is more flexibility now? I think Companion is great and has a lot of potential. We use ATEM along with vMix and I just need some level of scripting on the backend to help with XKeys and StreamDecks.

Ian Morrish has done some very good work with PowerShell, ATEM and StreamDeck that looks like it could work to replace JustMacros with some development effort. JustMacros provides a lot of flexibility but has some age on it and runs in 32bit space. I wish John who developed would update a bit and offer some level of support thru website.


I hear you on the Companion limitations. I don’t use it for any actual control surfaces (we ended up getting the BMD hardware panels). I utilize the built in ATEM Macros for quite a few things and have a Streamdeck with a few more advanced actions tying VMix and the ATEM together through Companion.

Once we moved away from Hyperdecks / JM for a replay system, we never looked back. JM is a MONSTER though, and I hope John is still updating it.

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