Using VMix with ATEM

Thanks for the info.

Maybe we need to start another thread, how are you using vMix? We were using as a feed from the ATEM to place overlays / titles and play video clips and sending the stream out to Vimeo / FB, so vMix sort of sits in the “middle”. I take a SDI feed off of vMix to a BMD videohub to distribute the output to a few monitors. Now that we have gone back live and still streaming, the output to the “live” monitors have a slight delay on the live side. I’m going to see if pulling the local live feed off of the “Full Screen” side of vMix will remove that delay. If not, may move the vMix to doing key / fill toward the ATEM.

I’m using vMix as a poor man’s CG. I use a Decklink to send key / fill to the ATEM for the main program feed (transparent base layer and then fire lower thirds etc over it). I use a secondary out over HDMI for full screen graphics / videos as needed.